Installation on Windows Systems

This page guides you through the installation of PrBoom.

PrBoom should work with Windows 9x, Windows NT4.0 and Windows 2000 or above.

PrBoom for Windows comes in two versions. The one version has software rendering and is called prboom.exe, the other one has OpenGl rendering and is called glboom.exe.

Download the version you want to use and unzip it to the directory you want it. For example c:\prboom. To unzip it use a program like WinZip or WinRAR.

PrBoom uses the SDL library (>=1.2.0), the SDL_mixer (>=1.2.0) library and the SDL_net (>=1.2.0) library. The dlls for them are included in the packages. If you want to look for newer versions go to there homepages. SDL is at SDL_mixer is at SDL_net is at


If you like to use a good frontend, then you can try out this one from the King himself.


The SDL_mixer library used by PrBoom supports software MIDI music synthesis. If you want to hear the Doom music, you need a set of Timidity instrument patches. Do a web search for timidity patch sets, there are plenty around. Really good but quite big are the Eawpatches.

These patch sets are a large download (>5megs).